The Grace of the Mystic and Oracle.

Divination and Tarot card readings can be traced far back into history, it is a time tested modality if used wisely can truly bring forth the voice of Spirit. From my perspective, divination and oracle are not based on psychic messages but, truly ignite the messages that Spirit transfers through this medium. In fact, any medium can be used for divination and oracle as long as intention, meaning and association has been identified with the objects been used to read. The messages contained with the objects used in divination and oracle are based purely on symbolism. Whether the symbolism is created by the creator of the objects or, the symbols are devised through the collective consciousness and culture.

When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.
— Kahlil Gibran

Having a good imagination and intuitive ability is the basis for using these mystical and magical tools, as intuition is the conduit through which the oracle speaks interpreting the event at hand. There is definitely an art to divination and tarot card reading, and most certainly anyone can do it. However, it requires clear foresight and deep awareness plus, the person aka. the Intuitive needs to be non-attached to the outcome, ensuring they are holding a high degree of integrity. Again from my perspective, a tarot reading is extremely sacred and should not just be entered into for insincere play or making money. Tarot cards, a psychic reading, channeling and mediumship are sacred tools. One needs to honour the connection made between the client, the person reading and the divination tools.

When selecting divination tools, it is best to meditate for clarity on which tools are best to use for that particular moment and time. Before reading too, a short meditation to clear the space within and around is essential.

When I read for my clients, I hold the space we create together extremely sacred. The messages that are delivered through the divination tools are powerful and are not just seen as answers to questions but, rather as mechanisms to draw the client into a space of healing. I am extremely mindful of how I interpret the tools at hand, to ensure that the client has full understanding of the messages been unveiled. Together we work through the realm of Light sharing the wisdom and compassion set forth by Spirit.

For over 25 years, I have been a practicing mystic and oracle of divination, tarot readings, channeling, mediumship; it is through my ancestral lineage that I have been gifted the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and a few other clair-essences. The thread of intuition and psychic foresight runs deep within me yet, I live in awe of these spiritual and intuitive gifts; choosing to utilize them for the healing, wisdom and the highest good of everyone that I connect with.

If you are interested in experiencing an Oracle Soul Session with me, please message me to set up your appointment. Appointments can be done via the phone which I believe to be an extremely powerful experience as, Spirit envelops you in a Light of Divine Love to receive the spiritual messages and healing energy.

Infinite Love,