It's a Cold Wolf Full Moon Cancer @ 22°!

And, so it is that time of year where the Wolf howls at the Full Moon under a Cold winters night... hungry for the unfolding new year!

His heart dampened and quivering unsure of where to go! The Cosmic Energies are pulling him in opposite directions... unknowing why?

We must let go of the life we had planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
— Joseph Campbell

He howls, the bitter cold snaps at his jaws as the moon grows large.... crawling into his hole, his sacred home where he feels protected and loved away from the winters cold.

Here is seeks refuge, licking his wounds from the year that passed.... finding his warmth, as his curls and snuggles amongst his wolf pack. 

Together, in their hole they find their solace a time for reflection of all that has passed.  

From their past experiences they can now know where to truly set their intentions, as the year begins to break open and momentum takes hold yet again flinging each and All upon their unfolding paths.

It is here under this Cold Moon where we hunger for direction, where we ask our Self, "is my intention that I brought with me into this new year - valid and plausible?" Or do I need to take yet another look at the stars, as I watch the Grand Cross multiply my own confusion!

Yes. We sit under the glowing full moon filled with wonder, though our hearts are still afflicted by the passing of the old year... things at first still appear quite stale, and our hopes tend to wane if we are not careful....

Though all is in perfectly alignment with the Nature of what is cosmically happening... the Sun opposes the Moon drawing forth our own inner conflicts between our will and intuitions, tugging at our emotional strings.

As, the story continues...

Wild as we wish to be or not! We are placed in the middle of a huge tug-of-war, where we have an intense desire to shift gears from what is seemingly right to that feeling of flinging our Self off into a new wild-wild world... beyond the norm, where we may possibly ignite into an emotional fury. 

Like all tales, there are those lucid moments that tug at the tails of takes towards happier endings (even though there will be many sequels to these cosmic twists and turns).

And, so as we come to a cosmic conclusion of our story... the Wolves are rescued from the cold, and welcomed to slumber alongside the Wise Old man of the Sky. He brings with him an end to all the wolves cosmic confusions, by offering a compromise to the cold deck dealt. He feeds the hunger of their desires and clarity, by laying out a comfortable foundation on which to lay their tired heads. They nestle against his strength and offering of a place of refuge and safe security. 

Here the Wolf pack can slumber well, even amongst the cosmic chaos dreaming of a new World of comfort and co-operative expansion.

And so, here we go..... 

Let us Collectively howl at the moon, clearly defining the intentions and plans for the out-rolling year. Keep yourself grounded and cool - emotions will be high, higher than normal it is simply the effects of the Full Moon + Grand Cross. Conflicts will arise, so go easy of yourSelf and others. Be consciously aware of your intuitions and passions, the World will rotate no matter what! 

Oh! And.... know there will be a major, big shift! So don't be alarmed, simply keep your calm - it will help when things go splat! As, you will completely and fully shift gears for this new year!

Cosmic Blessings + Love!

Oh! And PS! I should mention Full Moon Cancer is at 22°. 22 is a Master Number, it brings to us clear direction of bringing our dreams into reality! It will help us focus our attention with confidence towards that we have directed our intentions. 22 amplifies this fact by showering us with positive fortitude towards having faith and trust in the World around us! Numerology is a great way to understand your spiritual blueprint. If you love the Wolf art, order your personalized channeled art created for meditation and contemplation.