New Moon, New Year! New Beginnings! New Rebellious You! Hello Aquarius New Moon!

Let us celebrate the First New Moon of the year! 

And, what better New Moon could we ask for other than the very Auspicious, and out-of-the-box Rebel… Aquarius! 

Aquarius simply offers up all the goodies at once, and tops the cake with a sweet cherry of …” you never have to follow the rules!” 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
— Lao Tzu

The New Moon Aquarius brings with her new hopes and dreams as, we continue to ride this wave across the Cosmic Skies. The New Moon ushers in the Aquarian energies, helping us to take a look at how the world is seemingly pushing us down very specific gateways. However, Aquarius will have no mind for that, instead the revolutionary rebel of the Sky, Aquarius is asking us to truly step into the World with a brand new outlook. 

In this transition from Old Year to New Year, we have been to brash in getting so excited about the New Year we have forgotten that in Cosmic Terms time travels at a different speed that that of our Human Minds can conceive. So, in truth the new year energies will truly take hold at the start of Spring upon the ever-auspicious Equinox, when the Sun enters Aries.

So, if you have been feeling this sense of “lagging energies” from 2016 know you are right on cue! The refreshments we have been waiting for in the new year is still yet to come! As, with all death and rebirth cycles we are in that phase of the Life Review. Aquarius offers us this platform to see what we have done individually and collectively, so we can now make truly revolutionary changes in this next phase of life. Take this time during the New Moon to gather your wits, as you get ready to decide on what it is you truly want to manifest and create in the next 6 months. When Spring rolls around, you will be ready to dive off that springboard into a pool of refreshing new mindsets!

Thankfully, Aquarius enjoys breaking the rules, and will be offering up a little dessert before the meal is finished! We can enjoy this little inspired sweetness to truly plan ahead. With that being said, Aquarius is beckoning you to think outside of the Box! Why? Because in Aquarius’s World there is no box and no one should be bound or limited to any particular form of thinking that constrains us to a pre-determined pattern of being. 

So, in this “out-of-the-box” thinking we are being invited to upgrade our thinking and hop upon the “empowered train” of positive thinking! This is that sweet spoon of dessert we can dip into so, we can begin to shoot beyond the Stars towards those more distant galaxies.

From that viewpoint, we can see the larger perspective of what is at hand. Here we can view the global perspective from the Aquarian Podium offering an unique voice and make a stand for what we believe in, even if we ruffle a few feathers.

What is most important, we need to look at what we hold true for ourself in a more upgraded fashion. If the viewpoint is focused continuously on what is wrong, and judgment is stinging every thought. It is time to step back from those impoverished thoughts, and bring yourself up a notch or two towards a more engaged and empowered thought process. It is no longer acceptable to point out every fault, we live in a World where everyone and everything seemingly focuses upon the negative. Aquarius is literally begging you to step away from that lower vibrational thinking. What is more valuable is to go home, and do the work in discovering what makes you more powerful. It is through this empowered positivity, we will be able to stand atop our Soap Boxes, share a more enlightened voice of Love. 

Living in these times where most people are already flabberghasted by the issues at hand, we need more positivity floating through our airwaves to invade the channels and thought processes of our World. This is how we are truly going to SAVE the World by being the Positive change, by sharing enlightened, uplifting truths that Inspire others to do the same. Positivity is powerful! Our Voices are powerful, when used positively!

Now… this is what Aquarius calls you to do! Upgrade your perspective and be that empowered humanitarian, who is willing and wanting to rebel against the system in a way that supports the millions, that are here too wanting to make powerful positive change! 

So, if you are an influencer in the world! A game-changer! Then, do your due diligence… and be that positively, empowered enhancer in the World! Because, if there is anything humanity needs now is positivity to begin the healing process, and rebirth of new life and new wisdom in the World! 

When we are faced with invitations to self-realization and growth, it is always a good time to tap into the field of our Akashic Records to experience the depth of knowledge that is being laid out for us on our journey of self-exploration. I offer many tools to provide foundations to ensure a successful leap as, the game changes such as mentoring.

So, hail the magic wand and go forth… sprinkling Aquarius magic wherever you go!

Cosmic Aquarian Love.