Leo Full Moon Eclipse! The Gateway Opens and the Path Unfolds!

And so, let us all rise with a standing applause!
The Lion roars loudly across the Starry Savannah skies!
HIs Heart proud and courageous!
Fore he is ready for the next leap into the Wild Unknown.
Leaping with Faith in every Breath!

Be an opener of doors.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leo Full Moon beckons to YOU!  It is time to leap forward into the MAGIC! YES! I said, Magic! Leo is all about Shining the Light brightly within and upon… The Starlight is on YOU! Since, we are all so very magically BRIGHT!

With this Full Moon there are so many wonderments to be had… Let us together make a list of all our great talents! As we prepare for this new road ahead! So, get out your paper and pen - I ask for you to make a list of all your great attributes and talents.

Know that you are supported by our Father of the Sky, Saturn - who is here to assist you in turning your Talents in Pure Magical gifts! That can in fact be witnessed in practical achievements.

Today, the path unfolds as you are being presented with a blossoming new pathway, so step forward with the Strength and Courage of the Leo energies held in your High Heart.

You are eagerly invited to transform and shift. And, boy! Will you transform and shift…. All this great energy is building up, to that precise moment in time when the Sun moves across on the Spring Equinox. 

There are so many Cosmic energies inviting you to take your greatest leap, remember you already know how to fly!

The Lunar Eclipse also offers space for you to review all your relationships of all kinds; especially where you are need balance, and where you need to let go. 

The Eclipse is all about “eclipsing” ie. Removing that which is not needed. Here you can basically set yourself back to zero emotionally; clearing out all that emotional baggage you have been dragging around for so long. 

This is a BIG TIME for letting go - change is inevitable! The best advice is to breathe deep and easy dear One - no matter what this is going to be a change for the better :) 

The Full Moon Leo is at 22-degrees which helps us look at the balance within; exciting your trust in the unfolding path ahead! 

One thing to take note during this time, is that there are oppositions happening in the sky; Jupiter and Uranus are now dancing against each other. Which basically creates a story of creating more freedom and expansion with your life.; luckily that is what you have been waiting for - so, now it is time for that inevitable BIG BANG! 

The Cosmic Sky presents yet another Mystical Rectangle and some may call it a Pentagram or Star; this offers a time to soothe over your tired minds from all the extremes that have been presenting themselves in your path of late. Now, you can stand triumphantly forward knowing that good luck is on your side. So, look out for those Divine Synchronicities!

Now, let’s step back a moment to reflect upon the Magic! Jupiter plays a BIG BIG role in allowing you to see the mounting nature of good fortune that has been accumulating in the background. 

Though, please remember the Universe has a different idea when it comes to “time” - in this 3D realm we are so provoked by thinking time is rushing by us. However, in the grand scale of the Universe - timing is always divine! All will be presented accurately at the perfect time. The magic will be in allowing all to unfold as it should, no pressing or pursuing - it all about simply allowing! Patience is always key!

With all the stops been literally pulled out the way! You can gracefully step forward to start creating that which you are wanting, with the knowing you shall receive! Remember, what you will will always be - this is the basis of law the law of attraction this is the Universal Flow. This concept always comes with a warning: what you will, is always presented so, ensure that what you are asking for is truly what you are wanting. 

Let us bow to the Great Leo in the Sky with reverence in our Heart, as he is inviting us to expand into our Fullness. The Lion King with his billowing mane, beckons to you to see within yourself all the magic that has been brewing. Look at that list of all your great talents. It is now time to align with your Truth, no holding back it is time to move forward! 

Now peering deeper inside, you are invited to focus on your illumination, step out into the World with your Mane perfectly groomed for successes on all levels - Spiritual Growth is in the cards and this offers to you a tally of good fortune. Use this time to sit in quiet reflection at least this is what we can do to harness Jupiter’s Retrograde energies for this non-stop, full speed ahead year we call 2017!

Under this magical night sky of accumulating energies of Pentagrams, Mystical Rectangles, Eclipses and even the powerful Oppositions - a Powerful Force is building behind you. Trust in the process, as you unfold your Wings as you leap forth upon the upswing; this enchanting time has already been written in the Stars!

Now, gather all your inner Leo qualities - shake out the mane, stand forward like the Courageous Being that you already are: the King and Queen of the Jungle taking ownership of your World around you! Remember, you are the Author of your Stories!

So, create with great care yet bounded with the knowingness that which you ask for, shall always be!

Dear Kings and Queens the Illumination is shining upon you! Be courageous in leaping out bravely sharing your amazing talents with the World that is at your feet!

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