What is Reiki?

So, what is Reiki and how can one learn reiki? Well, to get started I will give you a brief story of my explorations and journey into Reiki and Universal Life Force Energy. 

Reiki healing opens the Healer to Universal Prana or Chi that is abundantly available to all. 
— Belinda Pearl

Twenty+ years ago back in South Africa, I travelled more than 3 hours to attend my very first Reiki Level One training. Little did I know what I was getting myself into and the journey that would unfold thereafter. My first experience with Reiki was at my Reiki Training, my beloved Reiki Master was an immensely compassionate being that sat us down upon the Earth to tell us the History of Reiki and Dr. Mikao Usui. My teacher in fact, is a direct descendant and student of a Reiki Grandmaster. When I teach Reiki, I feel extremely honoured by my Reiki Lineage. I was taught Reiki in a very classical way - meaning, we did not go through all initiations (attunements) in one sitting nor were we allowed to receive our Second Degree Reiki Attunement within the first year. I still believe in this methodology, as we are accessing very powerful forces of light. 

Now, getting back to “What is Reiki?” And how Reiki works. If we look at the word Reiki it will in fact give us a clearer understanding of what Reiki is. Reiki foremost is a Japanese word, which is two Japanese Kanji (Chinese characters). The first kanji “Rei” can be interpreted as, “Wisdom, Sacred, Spiritual, Higher Power”, the second kanji “Ki” is translated as “energy”. Together, you may say that it is “Sacred or Spiritual Universal Life Force Energy”. 

Once, a Reiki Student receives their Reiki attunement they are always connected to this Universal Life Force energy. When one is facilitating in a Reiki Healing, the Healer or Lightworker allows Universal Life Force to flow through them. Basically, their Healing Hands transfers a healing touch. 

In my opinion, Reiki Healing induces self-healing which is promoted by the Universal Healing Light and Lifeforce. Reiki has a profound mind body and spirit healing affect which brings the receivers Chakras, Endocrine System, Nervous System and Chi into balance. 

You could say that the Reiki Practitioner, is a healer or even a Shaman. As, Reiki can be combined with so many other healing modalities and healing rituals, plus with alternative and natural medicine such as chiropractic and massage. In my days of sharing the teachings of Reiki, I had the fortunate pleasure to teach a group of student doctors from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. I would definitely say that experience has been one of my Reiki Teaching highlights. Many of these young doctors shared their enthusiasm about using Reiki in medical scenarios such as, applying Reiki to allopathic medicine and to their patients in hospital. This should give you a clear picture as to the breadth and width of how Reiki can be applied in life.

In my days, as a Reiki Student and as, a Reiki Master I have seen so many miracles of divine healing. There have been times, where I have had to ask my clients this question: “What did you feel?”, when they would stand up declaring that their pain or issue was miraculously healed. Still to this day, when I witness a miracle healing I stand in awe of the might and reach of Spiritual Healing.

I believe everyone can access Reiki or Universal Lifeforce energy, the Reiki Attunement simply clears the pathways balancing and aligning the body, the endocrine system and Chakras. It is important that the Reiki Practitioner keeps a regular self-healing practice to keep their self in balance to continuing being a clear conduit to channel healing energy. When I teach the First Degree Reiki Students, I focus on self-healing - it is my belief to “heal thy self” and, that the healer needs to “heal the healer” first before stepping into the a healing role. 

Reiki provides a graceful healing experience, it is non-invasive which creates space for inner and outer relaxation which invokes the space of self-healing. 

If you are interested in learning Reiki or receiving Distance Healing connect with me. I also teach a Yoga class blended with Reiki, check out my events for the next class.

Infinite Love,