Remember the Love from Whence We Came

Our ideals of identity, love, and money may get in the way of getting down to the truth...

In our current sky, there are no boundaries as we have moved from detachment and fears surrounding togetherness to an acceptance of Oneness. We emphasize and remember the Love from whence we came.   There will be a Libran approach to how the Universe disperses its abundance. It understands that we should all be loved, cared for, looked after. 

We are working and communicating the wanting to go back Home to be nurtured in Cancer type fashion, subconsciously or otherwise. We have to go through the Virgo motions of lists, schedules, and responsibility to get through the world and not have it fall apart. Some of us experience painful reminders of the unpredictable, even bizarre power games that people play on a day-to-day basis to control something that is Universal. It is just that these individuals are working out of their need to create something Taurean: stable and real.

Our ideals of identity, love, and money may get in the way of getting down to the truth about the who, what why, where, and how about our respective social milieu, where we stand in it, and how we feel about it. Outside social values pushed by others in our circle may get in the way of our moral compass, thereby making us upset, irritating us. Gemini type communication about the particulars of our responsibilities is making some of us run away only to find that we have to see specific endeavors to the end, lest Sagittarian sloppiness, lack of mastery or overzealousness create dire problems down the road.

The sky is showing us brutal, emotionless relationships or circumstances concerning the use of Divine Masculine energy, sexuality, home, and dating -- the rules are changing as we move through the last decan of Capricorn and prepare for Pluto in Aquarius. Some of the rules will fall away but there will still be fervor, for better or for worse. While Pluto in Leo was about "free love" with the shadow of "me first," Pluto in Aquarius will probably be about the "individual" in a shadow attempt to make everyone conform as a "collective." We will look at this in depth at a later time.

Right now, dreamers are dreaming stronger and more frequent dreams, reminding us how special we are: the Virgo stability will illustrate our essence of Leonine Divinity. Dreamers are dreaming apocalyptic dreams, dreams about masculine energy and travel with Sagittarius, the dissolution of relationships, dreaming about self-identity, with features of the Divine Feminine, the arts, intellect and sharing ideas, glamour, lost loves and Scorpio type, long-lasting loyalty. 

The first decan of Pisces can be withdrawn, but this time is about the faith in The Unseen. With all of these themes, there is a sense of shapeshifting, astral travel, intuition and detachment. Pisces style detachment is characterized by detachment of itself: the ego that is involved with other signs is much weaker in Pisces because the instinct is to merge with the Other, and in its shadow sense, to the point of its undoing. One of the Tantric signs, it understands that all are the Other and the Other has the same energy that the Pisces does. This need refers to Neptunian charts, hard Neptune contacts, Pisces luminaries and 12th house stelliums.

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This dedicated Archer stopped by Neptune on her way to Earth to see what it was about. During her exploration, she found Astrology as a little girl and would peruse the astrology section of the newspaper from time to time for entertainment. One day, Saturn decided to reintroduce himself to her and she has honed this interest for the last ten years. Riya lives in San Diego.